Last month, we discussed what plants and catapillars need to grow. Water, sun, and soil for the plants and rest, food, air/sun for the caterpillars. All these factors are necessary for their growth. We asked the children later in the week what they needed to grow. We heard the responses: food and water. Teacher Axelle also discussed the importance of how rest helps our bodies. In doing this, we provide our bodies a chance to recharge and are better able to attend to new information.

We can understand a child’s needs for learning based on several things. The bioecological theory provides a visual representation of those influential factors. Starting with the closest factors in the Microsystem to the furthest in the Macrosystem.

This model provides a lens from which to understand each child’s unique set of needs for learning. This is one of many theories we reference in creating language acquisition activities.

Like the pinto bean we watched sprout then grow to double its size to the little caterpillars that turned into butterflies. Your child’s language learning is a process that occurs in stages, over time.

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