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Our Youth Theater Group is the four-time Grand Prize recipient of the annual international “Première Scène” student theater competition hosted by the Lycée Français de New York!

If your child likes theater, wants to perform and act and already speaks some French, then sign him or her up for the Atelier de Théatre at LLS!

Atelier de Théatre at LLS allows your child to practice French in an original and fun forum aimed at fostering creative and emotional expression. Theater at LLS helps children develop their sense of focus, self-discipline, public speaking skills and self-esteem while immersing him or her in the French language and culture. We emphasize the child’s individual voice, allowing children to use their creative and intuitive thinking skills, as well as how to work with others as part of an ensemble or troupe. Activities include learning the arts of improvisation, theatrical interpretation of contemporary plays and scenarios in French and relaxation techniques. Our students discover hands on the pleasure of theater, production and the immense pride and satisfaction of performing in front of one’s peers.

Classes are available for children aged 7-9, 10-12 and 13-16. For more information and schedule information, visit the PROGRAMS & ACTIVITIES page or call us at 718 596 2233.

See below for videos from our Grand Prize winning productions, awarded to LLS each year since 2008!


Through the exceptional work of our bilingual children from the Theater class, and with the dedication and support of their families, we are now the FIVE time annual recipient of the GRAND PRIX in our category at the LFNY Festival de Théatre!

I cannot tell you how extremely lucky we feel and how proud we are to be able to help give 50 children the chance to perform at this illustrious event and on the prestigious stage of the Lycée Français de New York in Manhattan. This award definitely gives LLS, and indeed all of Brooklyn, something to crow about! Hurrah!

2012 Anonyme and Nos Cousinailles, Directed by Stéphanie Fribourg.
2012 Festival de Premiere Scene – LFNY: Les Cousinailles, Directed by Stéphanie Fribourg.
2012 Festival de Premiere Scene – LFNY: Anonyme, Directed by Stéphanie Fribourg.

2010 Premiere Scene


Festival de Premiere Scene – LFNY: La chûte, Directed by Stéphanie Fribourg

I am pleased to announce that the Youth Theater Group from the Language and Laughter Studio and Multicultural Educational Center who performed on Sunday March 13th at the Lycée Français won the GRAND PRIZE for the third time in a row. This is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to the commitment and talent of our young actors and their instructors at LLS.

2009 Premiere Scene


Festival de Premiere Scene – LFNY: Conte à rebours, Directed by Isabelle Ormières and Pascale Setbon

We are thrilled to announce that our French Theater kids from The Language and Laughter Studio in Brooklyn once again walked away with the Grand Prize at the 10th Annual Theater Festival held at the Lycée Français de New York in Manhattan. In fact, they not only won the Grand Prize for the second consecutive year — took all three prizes this time!

The kids were filled with pride and a great sense of accomplishment as they heard the roars of laughter from the audience in response to their carefully crafted comedic plays. You can just imagine how they — and we! — felt and as they walked away with all the awards in exchange for all of their hard work preparing for the competition.

2008 Premiere Scene


Festival de Premiere Scene – LFNY: Histoire Naturelle des maux, Directed by Pascale Setbon and Claire Bureau

On Saturday, March 15th 2008, LLS’s youth theater group participated in the French Theater Festival. Our group was competing for best theatrical presentation against ten theater groups from well known French institutions of significant size and stature. This year’s theme was “La Crise” and our group presented Claude Ponte’s play “Histoire naturelle des maux”. We are bursting with pride and admiration as we are extremely proud to announce that our troop was awarded the 2008 Grand Prize! We are extremely excited that our young LLS players shined so brightly in this prestigious forum. Bravo to all!”