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It has been an amazing journey to watch our little one grow, take on the challenge of learning a new language, and develop a close community of friends. When asked by others where he goes to school, he replies with such pride “I go to a french school. We speak only french”. The atmosphere and learning environment you and your wonderful teachers have created are the gold standard for teaching. The warmth, care, kindness, and love for children emanating from you is brilliantly reflected in the school and the children and parents both feel it. I believe you will have a place in his heart for a long time.

My husband and I have the utmost respect for you as a person, an educator, and a parent. Over the course of the year, I have often observed how you are with the children – always speaking to them calmly with a gentle touch and guiding them with a positive, respectful tone. I have put this methodology in my virtual parental handbook and often times refer to this wisdom you have taught me when speaking to the children! Turns out it was an educational path for me as well!!

A, mother to T

My first child- girl 8 yrs, is bi-lingual French/English (nearly) and I know she would love any camp offed by L&L. My second child – 6 yr old boy, is not bi-lingual and has been resistant to learning French. This summer I chose to enroll both children trying to offer my boy a positive French experience. As expected, he resisted and I had to drag him in the first day.

Well, at pick up … He was elated! Skipping and humming songs!! Wow! Wake up was easy for the next week as both children woke up eagerly in anticipation of their wonderful day. Each day was filled with activities that both children looked forward to each day and each pick up was filled with stories of what they had done! And, he sang songs in French, “Un elephant, un elephant …”., and there was plenty of fun physical game play in French (he also knows his colors) and running around outside. The teachers are terrific, pleasant, invested, and always greeted parents and children ready to offer the best individual experience to each child. To be able to change my boy’s resistance to French in just one day is quite unbelievable, and I owe the L&L a huge dose of gratitude!

In closing I would just like to add I try to offer my children a diverse experience, their father is Senegalese. The L&L studio is that too!

Thank you Pascale! Thank you L&L!

Message from Stephanie (mom to Senlee and Petit)

Cela fait une éternité que je pense à vous écrire pour vous envoyer une déclaration de reconnaissance (éternelle) enflammée! Je réalise tous les jours à quel point LLS a été LA meilleure première école pour Lola à tous les niveaux, un vrai cocon invitant à la liberté!

Un immense MERCI à toutes les deux.

Message from E, Lola’s mom

I just wanted to share with you a great place, the Language and Laughter Studio (LLS), located at 139 Nevins Street at Bergen. My daughter (now 3Ω) has taken at least 4 different French classes there as well as French camp this summer. The teachers are really talented and incredible ñ able to engage young children and expose them to language through creative music, dance and other media.

It is a wonderful, safe environment for even the youngest of children. Each class is well thought out, the teachers are native speakers of the language with broad teaching experience, and there is a focus on the child and age appropriate challenges. Finally, my favorite part about it is that nothing is ìcannedî. All the art projects have an organic bent where the kids do the work ñ no mommy or sitter art here. There are also Spanish classes and after school classes. In the fall they will offer an ethics class for children 6-12. I canít recommend this place enough, but check out this gem for yourself…

Antoinette (mom to Josephine)

School can be scary for a 2.5 year old, even scarier with a completely new language; but LLS has made the transition to school and learning French very smooth for our son, Max. On Max’s way to LLS, he turns and says to me, ”Mama, I love school.’ Max had no French when he began and hears little French at home. However, because of the nurturing environment and excellent teachers, Max now understands nearly all of what his teachers say and has even begun speaking to them in French from time to time. This has opened up a whole new world for Max, one he thoroughly enjoys.”

Michele (mom to Max)

It is exactly because of opportunities like this that we live in Brooklyn… I have been taking my 23-month-old daughter to a music and movement class in French in Boerum Hill. After two classes, I was blown away by the quality!

The teacher, Muriel, with her enchanting singing voice, expressive gestures, puppets, balloons, bubbles, parachute and rattles, connects with children’s natural love of movement and music. The songs are her original works, unusual, simple and memorable; layer after layer gently teaching counting, colors, vocabulary, etc… in French. I feel that I ought to describe this class in very poetic terms… it is awe-inspiring and perfectly orchestrated, not a moment is wasted, perfectly geared to captivate toddlers and preschoolers… not to mention all the adults in the room, who all have child-like smiles on their faces. After class, it feels like we’ve participated in a Cirque du Soleil performance!

For French-speaking toddlers, it would be an equally wonderful and enriching music and movement pre-school class.

Yana (mom to Madeleine)

I want to go to miss Muriel’s class everyday!” Is what my 4 year old has to say about Language and Laughter studio. The class teaches French through music, movement and art. My son was very reluctant to speak French until we found LLS. We commute from Manhattan, their classes are much better than anything we found in the city by far. A real gem of a place. If you were to pick one activity for your child this is it!

Testimony of mother of Dax

Hi! I am a local mom and just wanted everyone to know about a great neighborhood resource, the Language and Laughter Studio on Nevins Street at Bergen Street.

Pascale Setbon, also a local mom, created and runs the programs at LLS. Pascale taught my daughter French when she was less than 18 months old right through to this summer. My daughter thrived in her classes and had been going to the Lycee Francais de New York since last year.

The classes at LLS are not your typical language classes: they are creative, expressive experiences that expose your children to another language by giving them so much fun and such wonderful sensory and tactile experiences that they don’t even feel like they are being “taught” another language. Pascale takes great care in selecting her teachers, choosing only those with rich teaching experiences and innovative ideas aimed at capturing the imaginations of children and promoting their development in a fun and warm atmosphere.

The classes are great both for those who already speak a second language and those who simply want their child(ren) to gain the benefits of being exposed to new languages.

Please, support a local mom who has created such a wonderful multicultural space and learning experiences for our community and our children. Classes being taught include French, Spanish, Mandarin in many different ways – dance, music, theater etc.

Corina (mom to Natasha)