Le Jardin des Enfants aims to provide the highest quality of language education in a safe, fun and nurturing environment for all concerned – students, teachers and parents and caregivers alike.

We can’t wait to see you soon and look forward to our time together with great excitement.

The following forms must be reviewed, signed, and returned before your child’s start date:

Lic 613A – Personal Rights
Lic 627 – Consent for Medical Treatment
Lic 700 – Emergency Info
Lic 701 – Physician Report
Lic 702 – Health Report
Lic 995 – Notification of Parent Rights

Plus, we will need a copy of:
Immunization Records
Admissions Agreement 2019-2020
Photo and Video Release
JDE 2019 Handbook acknowledgement receipt

Thank you!

Ali and Diane

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