Important program update

The safety and security of our community is our primary concern, which is why we have temporarily suspended our regular programming. We nonetheless want to continue reaching, connecting to and teaching our students, remain financially sound, as well as help the greater community during this turbulent moment.

Introducing JDE at home (JDE Chez Moi)

This service provides users with four, weekly 15 minute interactive French videos as well as a list of related at-home resources for families related to the video’s content. We know families across the world are looking for ways to meaningfully engage their children with quality, educational content, and JDE is excited to provide high-quality, play-based French immersion experiences for children ages 6 months to age 6. You do NOT need to have any French experience to enjoy this programming. Our content is highly engaging and will bring all learners in with its playful, dynamic and active nature.

We also understand that there are millions of families affected by job loss due to COVID 19 and cannot afford additional enriching opportunities for their children at this moment. To assist students in need at this time, JDE will offer a one-for-one policy. For each paid subscription, we will donate one subscription to a student in need as a result of the global pandemic. Are you family that has experienced job loss due to COVID 19? Please email your information to:

Interested in enrolling? Click here to enroll and see price info! If you have questions, please email us at:

Prices and Policies
Your subscription will include:

  • Four French immersion, interactive and play-based videos led by qualified early childhood educators.
  • All videos will be approximately 12-15 minutes long and include a variety of stimulating and developmentally appropriate activities and lessons including:
    • puppets
    • songs
    • movement games
    • playful exploration of an academic concept
    • French vocabulary, story links, and documents outlining ways to continue the learning introduced in the videos online
  • Access to all online videos so children can revisit when desired (we know how much children love to watch their favorite things over and over)!
  • These services are available to families for $150/month.
  • Remember our one-for-one policy. By purchasing one subscription, you are giving the gift of enriching French immersion experiences for other children as well!

What people are saying about JDE at home learning:

We watched it together and she was following along to all of it!


He was completely riveted by the video. So cool! You guys are amazing!


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